Saturday, March 03, 2007

Booked Flight

Hannan called suddenly about the Scandinavian trip. It was called off sometime last month then he says its on again, hoping I will come along. VERY tempting but I want to be home more than everlahhh. Plus Ajed has booked Emirates for me on the 22 June!! LOL 16weeks from now!

I woke up pretty early today. Cleaned my room, changed the sheets but sadly I have so much clothes, there are 2 piles sitting on the clotheshanger.. no more space for them. Seelahh, one day need to get a box or a mini-drawer from IKEA. My space looks nicer and more deco-ed compared to when I first moved in LOL

compare :

Infectious Disease control was good. Thanks to Melvin's tips and next Wednesday we have Traumatology exam :( Supposedly got a week break. I wanted to visit Finland but now can dream about it. Tomorrow I will attend CNY Open House at Kahovskaya. My friends are running the show and a lot of people are invited. Boss and Pisa will stay in to prepare for their Paediatrics (Infectious Dieases) on Monday. I am looking forward to mingle with everyone again! (well.. almost everyone hehehe)

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