Friday, March 09, 2007

Bad Health

I feel so fucked up. First the allergy and now (very) delayed period.

I went to the gynaecologist again this afternoon. She examined me, said she doesnt think that I am pregnant so I got a prescription of Duphaston@ a progestogen hormone to make me bleed. My endometrium lining is so thick, it aint funny.. 15mm when normal is 7-9mm. I am suppose to take 1 tablet, 2x/day for 4days and pharmacologically speaking, it SHOULD come.
I dont feel too good maybe because my gynaecologist wasnt comforting enough. She doesnt have a solid diagnosis of whats wrong with me plus I felt like she could have done more tests or something. I will start on the medication and hopefully, really hopeful *fingers crossed*.. a gush of blood will stain my undies. I dont mind the mess. Just let me have my period :(

Sighhh. Woe is me, woe is me *sad tune in the background, ignore the song that's playing*. The only cheer-up was Pisa and Boss got 5 in their Psychiatry exam!!

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