Friday, March 23, 2007

Baby Moo

I miss Khalid. Unlike last year I flew to UK so often. We are both broke. He had lost most of his money to Gala Casino (he didnt end up so gala) while I used up quite large sum this month. My rent is normal but the visits to the gynaecologist cost a bomb plus I just withdrew the money for my flight ticket :(

Khalid calls me on the phone to de-stress LOL I enjoy talking to him too. Wish I could see him again, hang around Broadmead, fool around with him, be the baby or treat him like a baby.. *sigh* Now is springtime somemore! Ooohhh I miss Khalid sooo much!

My groupmates seem very united lately. Of course Sunny and I are not on talking terms, Quek once in a while I just disturb him but word is, everyone would like a group outing. I heard GinnoTaki in the centre. Hmmmm.. I am meeting Aron this Friday and I suggested GinnoTaki to him too. I hope the food is good!

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