Wednesday, February 14, 2007

V For Valentine

I cant recall having a proper Valentine's Day celebration ever. Except that year with Nick, I skipped school and we went for a movie. I spent a month making a jar of "Love Note Cookies" for him. Back then I had so much energy for sweet nothings *lets out a sighh*. Then came Aron who never believed in 14th February hehehee

Last year, I remember a group of "singles" had business lunch at TGIF's. The faces who were present are no longer single. Except for Quek. He is always out of luck when it comes to girls. I scold him often for eyeing on non-gf materials. Thats just asking for a heartbreak since he isnt anywhere close to a Player! Khalid had called me in the afternoon. I was hyperactive and had so much to yak about! :P I miss him so much!

Quek sms-ed later. He invited me to watch ballet at Kremlin Amphitheatre. I was right that he was rejected by a few girls before asking me LOL I enjoyed the ballet though. We left halfway because the show ends at 10pm. It would have been too late for dinner (plus Quek fell asleep). We walked up to MAKICafe. Caught up on each other's issues, he complained mostly about those juniors and THE girl he really wants right now.

It was ironic. Of all people.. Quek. BFF for real?

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