Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Lots of bacteria and virus to study. I have Infectious Disease paper tomorrow, 18 topics to read up on and nearly 500 questions buried in my bag. What the fuck right. Not to say I havent prepared for anything. I do know that I AM a student LOL

My classmates went snowboarding last Saturday before attending the CNY Open House at Spartivnaya hostel. They were so hooked up with it, some already bought the full gear while others are very tempted to buy. Lately there are only 2 things being discussed- Chap Goh Meh Open House this Sunday at Kahovskaya hostel and snowboarding. Hehehee reminded me of my 1st and 2nd year with Aron in Austria ski lodge.. and I actually miss it

I wonder why they never invited me along :(

Not that I would really want to since the snowhills here are packed. I guess my "been there, done that" experience doesnt attract me. We had the whole mountain to ourselves back then. Foooshh! Over here, the Russians and their outfit, the shoes and the style!! The cheapest snowboard sold costs 7000pyb min (thats like close to RM1000) that also not in good quality because I heard Quek's snowboard cracked at the edge.

Khalid has been calling me for the past few days. Our conversations were so enjoyable and I really hope to see him again. April might be possible but then again.. the subjects dont look too approving. But we have a 1-week break starting from the end of this week somemore! Sighh.. dilemma, dilemma. See how first, I really need to prepare for tomorrow *grunts*

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