Monday, February 12, 2007


I finally got the holiday pictures from Hwong (and also dragged my excessed luggage back with me). I was in LISBON from 25-27 January 2007 and come to think of it. We enjoyed more in Lisbon than Barcelona and Madrid. i know I did! We concluded that it was prolly because we started from there, full of energy AND money of course :P

We stayed at Campo Pequeno which was 15mins away from Centro. The Portugese were very friendly to us especially when we Hola!-ed at almost everyone LOL Hope for eye candies was a real let down! Short and small, a lot of blood diamond miners (its an inside joke!) but drastically, some bus drivers were hot!

Travelling with Hwong, Zhao Ing and May were fine. They each read up on a city and guided but hehehe I really would if there were a 4th city! LOL I just tagged along and asked too much questions. Kiasu-ism was in the air especially during souvenir purchase. I know its vicious to keep saying "It could have been better..." and wishing "If only Pork Chop and Sha were here.." but I am being honest here!

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