Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Late Winter

Depression kicked in as soon as I landed at Sheremetyevo 2. At least the Russian cab driver I hired was polite and friendly. Otherwise I would have cried all the way home. It was great to see Pisa and Boss again. We exchanged goodies from the places we travelled to hehehee

I miss Khalid. I miss shopping. I miss the holidays. I miss the freedom. Back to reality now and no more whining (fuck it!). Lucky class starts on the 8th. This cycle I have Infectious Disease and Traumatology. Sighhh. Of all subjects.. have to leave the house before 730am everyday and the temperature up north is always colder. I guess complaining aint gonna make me feel any better.

So let me wrap up about my winter holidays 2006/7 instead. It goes without saying.. I had an awesome break! Spent much more dough than I should LOL To be honest, my visit to Spain and Portugal could have been better. The company was okay. Just okay. Ho-ho-ho! I am an official owner of 8 pair of boots *wink* I will gather the pics and BLOG backwards. Wait ahhh..

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