Sunday, February 18, 2007

Guo Xin Nian!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Warmest wishes and may us all have good health and better times!

I celebrated my Chinese New Year mainly with Pisa and Boss. Reunion dinner (according to Praveen it aint really reunion but nevermind) was at Yakitoria, most popular Japanese joint with many outlets all over Moscow with us 3, Praveen, Kai Yen Yen, Wishnu, Jaspal, Palvin and Aliah. Somewhat like a gathering of non-hostel habitants ehh.

Fats was home on Friday itself. I called home several times, spoke to him and the folks. On the first day of New Year I managed to wish the relatives, Moi Yee and Mamma. They were all very pleased to hear from me. Our steamboat dinner was a success I must say! "Well done, Reena" and simultaneously a reply will come, "Well done, Chin Joo" LOL

We had a lot of food. Black Bean Sauce Chicken, Mushroom/cabbage vermicelli eaten as side dish. Ingredients for the Steamboat included tiger prawns, meatballs marinated by me and shaped by Pisa, sausages, crabsticks and dried tofu from Ismailovskii Park. Pisa and Boss had to take 2 ciggie breaks! We indulged ourselves to a Stephen Chow's movie marathon (Pisa loved it!).

Let's see how this year of the PIG shall serve :8

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