Thursday, February 08, 2007

Good Start

Infectious Disease wasnt such a pain. We had a 4-hour long lecture on influenza virus. After that I went to M.Kievskaya to meet How How at the Europecheskii Mall. It was only opened recently but I have never been there before. Impressive. Looks a bit like Midvalley Megamall.

Jed and I met How How (his name is How Kiat actually but Jed insisted that it sounds vulgar like Chibai or something LOL) when we were doing out attachment at HUKM back then in summer 2005 He seemed so serious with medical studies but as we hung out more, he turned out to be really sporting. We wandered around, he bought a pair of jeans from TOPMAN and I must say there are a lot of good stuff for guys!

We caught up on current issues, a bit of the past and future too. How How's got himself a gf!! :P I had an enjoyable time with him. Oohh I didnt quite remember that hes got a sweet tooth. He was whacking the Brownies and sugar. My Banana Bread Pudding was so-so. Pisa made nicer last Christmas. Much nicer!

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