Monday, February 12, 2007


We stayed the most days in BARCELONA from 27-30 January 2007. Our accomodation location had been superb because Metro stations were only a walk away. We never took any City Tour buses yet we managed to cover 8-9/10 of the must-see places. The pic above was taken at the Poble Español (The Spanish Village).

Majority of the locals dont seem to speak much English. When we asked someone for direction, it was always hilarious because it usually went like that:

Hwong : Can you please tell me how to get to the Barcelona Cathedral?
Local : Sí. Recto adelante ,sigue derecho *waving his hand* Gire izquierda *hand swerve to the left*
Hwong : Ohhh you mean straight and then turn left?
Local : Sí. Siga el mapa. Usted es correcto. Recto. Izquierda *hand waving at every direction in mid air*
Hwong : Oohhh, okay. Okay. Thank you! *repeatedly nod his head in gratitude*
Local : De nada *smiles*
Me : Gracias! *wave back hehehe*

Damn cute right? Spoke Spanish to us as if we understand! We did since the body language was too obvious LOL I vowed next time.. if any Mat Salleh tourists were to ask me for directions.. be it for KL Tower or Museum Negara! I will definitely tell them in Cantonese! :P

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