Wednesday, February 21, 2007

5-Year Plan

We all graduate next year in June 2008. Imagine being called "Dr.Tan" (or Dr.Chin LOL). To be honest, I dont want to work in Malaysia just yet. I want to venture in Europe or somewhere, earn some foreign cash. But put the money-making scheme aside, I enjoy being adventurous!

So I came up with one :) I will return to Motherland for 18 months of housemanship. After that, I wont serve the Government 3 years for the licence to practise in Malaysia though. I will prepare for USMLE (United States Medical Licence Exam) and if I DO pass.. I will be in US instead! That also takes 3 years. Sighhh.. can feel my youth fading away.

Chinese advise "dip a few years in salt water": gain experience from abroad first. No reason to think that my plan isnt good. My parents moved into the city from kampung and since I am from the city, moving into another country is fair. I could always return to Malaysia after a few years. Majority wants to go back and there will be an overpopulation of doctors. At least I would like to think I have something out of the norm.

It feels like after F5 again.. what to do, where to go, this and that. I already know I will have to leave behind many things, even more, the people who care and love me. Things were much simpler when we were kids huh? Unless.. well. A millionaire appears, propose to love and provide me unconditionally.. forget I ever BLOG-ed this! :P

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