Wednesday, January 03, 2007


My first visit to Spartivnaya Hostel was excellent! I went there for the New Year's Eve pics from Jimmy. Hung out in his room with Davinna and Dalvin. I was hoping to disturb Lionel aka Dick but out of all days, he had to be in another hostel! I visited J2 and Alex too. Surprisingly Dinesh's room is 2 doors away. That bugger dropped in for a long chat with us and guess what.. I was the oldest among 4 of us! :P

I was in Dinesh's room, pleased to see Ah Fook! All these film-making donkeys seem to be very polite peeps. Saw Guhan, Arunan and Sharma who passed by their unit greeted me at the door, wished me Happy New Year :) Really enjoyed yakking with Dinesh. I had dinner with Jimmy and all. Hwa Sern had cooked Chinese "Tang Hoon" in addition to Sweet and Sour Chicken and Celery Sausages prepared. Yummy!

Though I had diarrhea the minute I got home *sighhh* Must have been the fucking celery. Usually I tell people I am allergic to celery because it stinks and tastes awful. I hadnt realised and was served (plus not so nice to play the Picky Senior style) but mainly it tasted okay. Damn. Lesson learned: NEVER eat what you claim to be an allergen.

I enjoyed hanging out with these juniors. Tomorrow we have a mission at 9am. Need to reserve Aeroflot's ticket offer and get our holiday flights over and done with!

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