Sunday, January 21, 2007

Russian Cook

I invited the members who are left in Bristol over to Pork Chop's house at 164, Filton Avenue for dinner. I was cooking Russian food for the second time LOL Since first experiment was a success at Brighton!

Nick came, looking really good compared to the last time I saw him. Ezlin and Rikki showed up much later (Ezlin is no longer vegetarian, eating meat now). The only one missing is Sha. But I am sure another dinner such as this one will be called for soon enough *grins* After dinner, Rikki went home (just next door :P) to grab his Poker suitcase. We played for awhile and called it a night.

Juls and I headed to Clifton tthe Suspension Bridge the next day. Kinda gloomy but at least it wasnt cold. We had sinfully rich chocolate cake and hot chocolate at White Lion's. I had a good time especially later when we hung out at Park Street. Sat at Starbucks which is co-joined with Borders. Grabbed a pile of books while having our drinks. Thats what you call "Read for free" hehehee

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