Friday, January 12, 2007

Lala Exam

Over and done with Social Medicine! Hardly studied anything last night hehehehe Notes from the 1st semester also MIA. Had to cover from Pisa then decided not to give a damn about it. MCQs was exactly like what we prepared for but the theoretical questions were not as easy as I thought. Dunnolahhh.. maybe I didnt revise hard enough :P

But I managed to cock my way through. I mean after all.. it IS Social Medicine right. The examiner I went to was niceee. Asked me extra questions and since her English was good, couldnt simply bang. Pisa's case was unfair. Her examiner asked her opinion on Russia's socio-epidemiological point of view. Our Tai Kar Che said its BAD and the Soviet-looking lady who obviously seems to think highly of her Motherland.. penalised her for her honest opinion. Sighhh. Its okay. We all learn as we go.

I returned Marina my zacheotka at the Dean's office. She was too pleased to see me LOL I also bumped into Dinesh on my way to renew my ISIC. What were the odds! Had some 2-cents conversation with him, too bad he couldnt come over during the weekend since he has Histology exam on Monday. Guess I will only catch him in February!

Wooooohooooo!! I am very excited for my holidays. Hian Foo wants me to cook him Russian food!! Dang! I have already filled some clothes into my luggage but seriously, I dont know what clothes to bring. I have hopes of catching the sales happening right now!! You know I dont exactly like to appear twice in the photos with the same clothes and (again) I left most of my clothes back home. I am looking forward to seeing Khalid again, actually *grins*

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