Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hian Foo

None of us had imagined that we would actually meet up abroad. Hian Foo was in shit state couple of months back, thats why I dropped by Brighton for a visit to check on him. My visit was enjoyable. In fact I really should have spent more days there. We had a great time catching up and witnessed a few days of his life studying Mechatronics Engineering in University of Sussex.

The wet weather didnt exactly dampened my fun, waddled through puddles and braved the cold winds to the centre and back! Hian Foo's crib is at Lewes Road. Nice place. I liked their common room, cozy and felt really comfortable. Andrew (his flatmate/coursemate) was very friendly towards me. Ooohh I had finally met Richard too! He didnt look as cute in real person though :P

I shopped pretty much in Brighton. Bought a pair of suede knee-high boots.. they are ohhh-so lovely! I love UK. People are so nice and friendly unlike the Russians who look serious and grumpy most of the time. I am in Bristol right now with Khalid. We are fine and dandy just like before. Well :) Then in a few days time I will be meeting my friends in Portugal. Cant wait!

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