Monday, January 01, 2007

Come 2007

My first outdoor countdown since I stepped foot on Mother Russia. We had no problem going because winter isnt cold this year. I arrived too early at M.Ohotnyei Ryd (too excited LOL). Met Sim, Jimmy and Davina first and then only my batchmates came. 80% were the Yakultians, the -stan fellas, brown Russians mostly. Its explainable. Just like Dataran Merdeka would be filled with Indons and Bangladeshis :P

We had to pop the champagne before going because any form of alcohol wasnt allowed. Crowd control was tight, I was the last among my group to get through the 2nd checkpoint. Mun Yee, Yun Kin, Douglad, Hwong, Zhao Ing and all didnt make it so they watched the fireworks from afar. Oohhh the fireworks were so pretty!

I followed my friends back to Kahovskaya where Quek and Sunny's room was throwing a gala session. Drinking and dancing on their mattresses. I didnt though, in fact it was boring for me so I went upstairs and hung out with Sharonpal and Suki! Heheheee the 2 darlings were damn sweet. We yakked and it was the only time we have hung out for that many hours ever! I left the hostel at 7am plus. I wanted be home with Reena and Jason :)I really hope this year would be much better than the last. I surveyed with most of my friends and they agreed that 2006 was somewhat depressive *fingers crossed!*

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