Friday, January 05, 2007


I left the house at dawn to Kutznetsky Most to be the firsts at the Aeroflot office. I mean yesterday Boss and Pisa spent 5hours waiting to get theirs so its only smart to go there much earlier. Either ways, I arrived at 825am with nearly 10 fellas in front of me. Now I have gotten my ticket to UK! I fly next Monday.

After that, I hung out at M2 hostel LOL Went to visit Paul. Thought its about god damn time we should catch up a little bit. Met Sam too. That bugger's looks funny, talks funny and I would say hes a real cartoon! Paul has changed pretty much. Seems much saner.. conversations with him were actually enjoyable! I met Hannan and Shidah, bumped into Janet and some juniors, Warren, Han and Suren. Reconciled my friendship with Suren :P Hes Kevin's cousin who pissed me off last semester until on the sms I told him to "Fuck off" hehehee

Towards the end, Paul wasnt too happy. I dont know whats wrong with him. He couldnt be so possessive till he dislikes that I went to Sam for a chat. Dunnolahh. I mean I have lived with him for a year and I know what hes got up his sleeves. Yes. He is THAT transparent. I enjoyed my stay in M2 for the first time though. Not sure when I will do it again but yeahhh. It was fun :)

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