Friday, December 29, 2006

Zacheot Full

Today is the last day of our 1st semester. Got zacheot from Epidemiology and Paediatrics. We have events lined up till New Year but after that *snicker* could be a bit boring since we have to wait till 12th January for Social Medicine examination. ONLY after that we can leave the country. I havent got my tickets to UK because Aeroflot came up with their Winter Hols Offer. I heard its rampant.. I might even have to sleep outside their office to grab the cheap deal LOL

Pisa, Boss and I are going to B52 tonight. Dunnolahh, it seems the Malaysians and Indians have organised this i-dont-know-what-theyre-up-to invitations. Not sure if its even gonna be happening but Praveen insisted we all should go. So we will :) The last time I ever gone clubbing was way too many years ago. Plus I was at B52 first/last time somewhere in 2002. No shit! I really hope its gonna be fun! Though many people I know arent going.

For New Year's countdown, I am going to the Red Square with my groupmate. Hehehee never been there before. I bought a bottle of champagne and pretty plastic glasses to match. I slipped on the snow a while ago on my way home *cries* Both my knees are bruised *cries louder* I havent slipped on the snow for years *touchwood* and this time broke my record. Sighhh. Pavements of black ice :( The temperature drops and rises too quickly. Damn it!

ps. i wonder how khalid is doing. i have been thinking about him lately.. quite nervous to meet him in January and thats like 2 weeks from now!! cant wait to find out hehehee

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