Friday, December 08, 2006


I didnt hear the alarm go off this morning. When I checked on my clock again, it was already 9am meaning I should be out of the house already! I said fuck it since Dr. Ekkert is attending a conference anyways so I went back to sleep. Boss and Pisa shared the same situation.

Silly me, woke up for Paediatrics lecture. I didnt have to bother really but since yesterday Quek called to grab food but I suggested we catch up today. Because of that I dragged ass. He never showed up too. I am so gonna strangle him next Monday. I didnt stay for all 3 topics, left during break. Boss, Pisa and I watched this comp-animated movie called Hoodwinked. Fucking hilarious hehehee

Dinner was good. I am getting better at preparing them. Presentation is a 10/10 really. A while ago, my hp rang. Khalid called. I sent him an sms earlier but waited quite sometime for a reply which never came so I dropped it. He sure surprised me! We spoke about us, explanation, clarification etc Yet, so undeclared. We still want to see each other like he would love to have me at Marketgate, as much I would love to be there.

We spoke, joked but I sensed he was careful. I told him I cant stand him calling me "dear". Sounds so grandma-ish. Oohh well. I am very curious hows it gonna be when he returns to UK in January. VERY curious. Mum told me Fats is in Indonesia right now. Hahahahaa my baby brother. He never mentioned it to me though. Doing voluntary work werr. Not bad huhh. Not bad at all :)

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