Sunday, December 17, 2006

SMSA Sports

<"font-size:85%;">SMSA held a small scale Sports Day at M2 today with futsal, basketball and netball. 2 basketball teams from M2 were invited to play since ours couldnt come up with enough. At the end of the day, the China team from Kahov kicked everyone's ass. Our boys played rough, in fact you could say they were "bullies" LOL

Dalvin was in-charged of the DJ console and announcement. Paul was there and we had a good time catching up later at Simbad for chow. Ahhh first time seeing after too long. I am glad Jason and Reena came. It was a bit of a disappointment for Reena since she was looking forward to whack the juniors. Repulsive woman she is.

It was nice seeing some familiar faces from M2 especially Paul's teammate, Azman. Well turns out he's a 1986 (younger than Wishnu LOL) Kai Yen Yen called me outloud "Oi, paedophile! Behave yourself!". The mee goreng from Bob's stall was yummy. Thinesh triedlahhh, charged me half price somemore. Winning prize for each team is 3000pyb. Not bad right. Speaking of which.. I still havent paid my member fee (300pyb) yet hehehee

Prav was trying to fall on me.. wait a minute..
Dont you feel like singing the line from MJ : "it dont matter if youre black or white" :P

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