Friday, December 22, 2006

Mass Market

Quek Wee Teck and I bonded! It was a good day, totally. Can you believe Quek and I went all the way to Ismailovskii Park for Chinese lunch! I am still grinning that we seem to be friends again, just waiting to see when hes gonna fuck it all up. We caught up on many current issues, gossips too :P

Its Guo Dong Festival today. Mummy and Fats were preparing tong yuen in the house (my favouritest dessert!). I called home, spoke to everyone. I got a packet of frozen "tong yuen" from the Chinese market. Sesame filling somemore. Pisa loved it so much, she made a drama. Accusing Boss for never telling her about Guo Dong and tong yuen LOL I am sure Khalid would like it too, unlike the Hot Bean Soup!

I shall return to Ismailovskii Park for more stuff. Goodness, the groceries are FRESH! Alive and busy with people. I hardly go there because the location is too far from the Metro plus quite a distance to walk. But never mind that! The variety of stuff available for such low prices, damn good deal. I was really excited and bugged Quek the whole time hehehee

On Sunday we are preparing Chinese for our Christmas Eve dinner! Phoenix Chicken, Mah Poh tofu (without the tofu because I left it somewhere at Ismailovskii Park LOL) and Chinese cabbage dish. Hwong was very disapproving with the menu but ehh, Pisa is the one who celebrates Christmas and she is more than happy about it :)

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