Friday, December 01, 2006

I/Eye Cleared

November ended with Infectious Diseases and Traumatology. Got my zacheot for Therapy and today, over and done with Opthalmology exam! Yesterday Reena, Jason and I actually put in some effort on the MCQ and revision. Unfortunately Reena failed the MCQ so she will have to resit for it hopefully by the end of this month.

I was lucky the picture I picked was like June's. It was Bacteria/viral Conjunctivitis and urgghh, the picture was ugly. Anna the Examiner was kind to me. When I confessed "Ma'am.. I am sorry but I cant remember", she didnt gimme a hard time. When the fuck did I read up on Glaucoma? It was only yesterday when I started to flip my book!

Hmmm the whole time I was thinking of sharing the happy day with someone. I held back till this evening, I picked up my phone to call Khalid. He sounded cheerful. We yakked for only for a while since I am low on credit and after our conversation ended, I felt relieved. He was glad that I thought about him, only he doesnt know that I have never stopped thinking about him. Sighhhh. Guys are all idiots.

I am looking forward for Paediatrics to start next Monday. I know the cycle is gonna be horrible plus there are tons to write for Social Medicine. One more thing, Moscow weather is weird. No sign of snow, not even cold yet. Doesnt feel right for this time of the year. But humans are weirder. When it snows and freeze the fuck out of our asses, we curse the winter :P

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