Sunday, December 31, 2006

Flashback 2006

2006 flew by very quickly. Many events took place till there wasnt even a moment to pause. Traditionally just like last year on this day, I will take a moment to recall what happened over the year..

Mummy returned home. My family isnt apart anymore. Ah Mah's is fighting her kidney failure while relative gossips aplenty. Daddy's brothers and sisters will never stop harassing each other. Dramatic Tan Family Saga that never ends. Fats is doing very well in Catholic Junior College. I was with Mummy most of the time in the house. Hence, domesticated summer holidays :)

The C4s werent complete this year. I was home, Sha was in UK and Tri wasnt in KL. Left Sharon and I, we lala-ed and visited Tri at Langkawi. My first time on Malaysian island! We will have to wait till next year to reunite. Even for us, more tears were shed this year. I feel we are losing it and taking actions beyond our senses *sighhh* We have to pounce back on our feet!

And in Moscow.. the people I used to be too close with turned against me. The one person neglected me when I needed support most. Friendship I thought would last forever broke. Sad but what to do. But I am most blessed to still have those who watch my back. A wise man sang "Understand that friends come and go but for the precious few you should hold on to".

Love Life
This one is even more complicated LOL I met someone whom I really like. Despite the barriers, we went on for nearly the entire year. It made me look at relationship from a totally different perspective. I wasnt even interested to meet nor get acquainted with new guys. Plus I seem to have turned paedophilic :P The guys I am attracted to have larger age gaps one after another. Then I see girls around me are getting hotter and hotter. Unfortunately I dont feel the heat on myself since I gained pounds from the sweets. At least I feel better now since I shed off some.

I felt significant improvement in my studies since I stopped hanging out with the other half, sat in front during classes and more response on my part when questions were asked. It felt great. So I guess it is a good/bad thing afterall.

I wouldnt say 2006 had been a best year for me. Of course I have happier days with laughter and all. Health wise too. That was important. As of tomorrow, I will start the brand new year with joy and MY way. Wooohooo!!

Memorabilia of 2005

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