Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Its been more than a week things ended with Khalid. In between I tried to mend us but I was somewhat rejected. Yeah yeahh. What about doing the right thing? Fucklahh. Depression kicked in when we spoke about the holidays and I couldnt really bear the thought of not including him. Ohh well. I have some evil plans in my head though, only waiting to execute them.

Paediatrics is pleasant so far. Our teacher, Dr.Shishov speaks Russian to us but we can understand him fine. Hes such a darling. Our first class, he toured us around the department and hes friendly with staff and the kids. We havent seen any sick kids yet. Just hyperactive mosters causing ruckus at the corridor hehehee Finally got our Philosophy zacheot. That means an end to the unnecessary late homecoming and Saturday classes.

I started my diet today. It was bit of a rush to prepare salad and panfried a piece of miserable piece since I got home at 730pm. We were at Ashan yesterday. I bought groceries for a 2-week trial. I know I know, I dont need to be on any diet. Well I just feel like losing those spilling side-flabs so that when I go for holidays, I can pig out maybe not on food, but all the sweets each country has to offer :)

I spoke to Quek. Rather awkward at first. He still insists that he has principles but I still say that hes an idiot. He cant fucking compare me with those "hot" girls he had the least sparks with. At the end of the day, he gets cheated, dumped and/or outplayed. He said that he wouldnt skip classes just to celebrate or whatever but I told him there is no difference with him skipping classes to go home to sleep or be lazy. At least I feel happy doing it. That shut him up. Idiot.

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