Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa Hats

Pisa and I baked Danish Christmas cookies today! At first we were worried it wouldnt turn out since we roughly measured the ingredients especially Pisa who seemed skeptic about the dough in the beginning ("I think its not sticking..", "Its too dry.." etc). Hahahaa it was a success though the f*ucking Russian over burnt some LOL

Still taste good though! Pisa is not a fan of almonds so I left some pieces naked. We also tried Penny's No Bake Cookies but THAT recipe, we pretty much OD-ed on the sugar. Its diabetic-causing kind of sweetness :P It slipped our minds that the Whittard cocoa powder itself is damn sweet. Ohh well. Only tomorrow we shall know because it has to be left in the fridge to cool.

I remember the good old days when Fats and I used to bake. It was fun. Kevin came over once too, helped us form the cookies. Oohh speaking of which, I have the Christmas mould set in the house. Who would have thought we would bake here right? I am surfing for more recipes right now!!

Ophthalmology exam is next Monday meaning we wont be doing anything on Christmas Eve. Let's just hope Pisa clears everything, then we can party together with freedom!!

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