Saturday, December 30, 2006


B52 was enjoyable for me :)

Stayed until past 5am with Praveen and Wishnu. Pisa and Boss ciao-ed earlier. Hmmm the place was crowded with machas but then again it was held by the Indians. Praveen was the only 6th year while and only a handful of my batch was there. The rests were 1st and 2nd year juniors. Need to rag them big time!

Music was between RnB and Banghra plus some house performances, a belly dance and freestyling by 2 Russian fellas. Not to say too entertaining. Oooohhh it has been waayyyy too long since I consumed alcohol! Their whiskey coke tasted like shit but still, booze is boozelahh :P I hung out with Davinna, Jimmy and Dinesh the whole time. Dinesh is adorable! Arrghhh what has become of me! I am hanging out with the juniors! Enjoying it somemore! LOL

We danced, shisha-ed (compliments of Simon the Gangster Junior) and I socialised with most of them but the worst sights were seeing misdemeanor which took place. Sore sight I tell you. That shone out who were the juniors and who were the seniors. It was obvious. I was reluctant to leave towards the end actually. Lets see when will I club again *wink*

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