Sunday, December 24, 2006

Asian X'Mas

I am glad Reena and Jason enjoyed our Christmas Eve dinner! Afterall it was Reena's day and she deserves the best! I let her chopped garlic, otherwise she would feel useless. It took a couple of hours to prepare Phoenix Chicken :P I miscalculated the time but food tastes better when youre extra hungry anyways hehehee

The chicken farsh with mushrooms and carrots turned out VERY the yums! There was strong 5-spice powder fragrance even. Then for vege dish, I simply cooked up Chinese cabbage with ikan bilis. MMM-mmmm! The chicken reminded me of Viro back then on her first visit to my apartment. Wished she were around, that would have been even more fun!

I got a wonderful present from Reena and Jason. A lovely set of potpurri and the oil lamp which was perfect for me because I always want my room to smell nice! Reena said it was a bit of a challenge to get something for "the girl who has everything". Thank God I didnt fucking accept her striptease offer when she lied they didnt get anything for me. (I rather have no presents at all LOL)

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