Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ABC Soup

After Social Medicine class this morning.. Victor, Sunny, Quek and I actually went to Moo-Moo and had lunch together. It wasnt too awkward or anything, did feel a bit like the good old days :) I had "borsch" (famous beetroot soup) and my favourite cheese pancakes!

We yakked about random stuff, the upcoming holidays etc Sunny and Quek find me cute as ever, laughing at my slightest gesture. Oohh well. I cant look at Sunny for too long though. He eventually looks at me with those sick puppy eyes. I swear I will dig them out of his sockets!

Hmmm I am worried about Hian Foo. His girlfriend left him for another guy last week. He told me on msn that he was crying, heart pumping like there's no tomorrow, on medication and had to seek help from the uni counselors. Sighh. Since everyone has different emo levels, you can never compare yours with theirs. To some people, it feels like its the end of the world. The others, it is a whole new start. I just dont want my old friend wallow in sadness anymore.

My diet is going pretty well. Reena noticed that I did lose weight. I dont feel much but maybe *grins* Ooohhh!! My upper left wisdom tooth peeked out today LOL At first I suspected it was ulcer until I scratched it with my nail, it feels solid! Hehehehe damn weird though. I hope it doesnt take too long to fully grow out of my gum.

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