Monday, November 27, 2006

Story Ended

Khalid and I are not going to see each other again. I called the shots this time. I was prepared for this outcome anyways, only it happened sooner than expected. I made peace with the fact that he has responsibilities to his family back in Mauritius long time ago.

Actually I wouldnt have said it if he didnt tell me to remove our pictures on Friendster. Of course I was affected, majorly offended because if you are out of the picture.. you ARE out of the picture. I am sure he feels the slightest bit of relief that he doesnt have to keep a secret anymore. He asked me about the rights and wrongs. I repeat the same lines. Since the beginning, I know he has no say in the decisions made for him. If he is truly happy when we are together.. nothing matters.

But at the end of the day, it does matter. Ohh well. I am not crying this time. Sighhh. What a catch! All the time spent with him was wonderful. Thats for sure. Thats history too. I dont feel sad nor sorry for Khalid. I can really understand if I put myself in his shoes. Most people I know and myself can make choices and make our own stand. Some people simply cannot because they have too much to lose.

Reena said to me, "I am sorry babes that it didnt work out". In all honesty, what happened a couple of hours back was the right thing to do. Look on the bright side, it IS a win-win situation. As much as he wants his family to be happy, I want him to be happy too. Fortunate or not, I am breathing :)

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