Thursday, November 16, 2006


Dont I just love studying in Russia. Today I decided to bunk Traumatology lecture. No biggielahh. Although the young lecturer is sizzling and he takes down attendance too, I was just too lazy to get out of bed. Reena and Jason went anyways.

At 2pm they called me. It was our Medical History last class and zacheot day! It totally slipped my mind!! I was nicely enjoying my cuppa hot chocolate! So in a dash I got ready and headed for class. I brought my project along, which Reena completed it for me a week ago and their zacheot books. The teacher said she aint going no where, she would wait for me so no worries.

Foooooh! I arrived there, everyone had already left. Reena and Jason waited for me, I took 2 questions for the test (mummification and Egyptian doctors LOL) Well. It IS history of medicine afterall right. Handed everything to here and we ciao-ed. Then I realised, I dont have signatures for the whole of October. Which reminded me I have yet to get Therapy zacheot but luckily Ophthalmology exam is on the 1 December. Need to really clear the debts!

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