Saturday, November 25, 2006

Oriental Art

Our Philosophy teacher is one sweet lady. She organised a group tour with us to the State Museum of Oriental Art in Arbatskaya. All of us went, including Aksan but to my surprise Sunny didnt show up. Mei came along because they were going to Moo Moo for dinner with Justin for his birthday celebration.

Song of Shambhala

Oriental Art ehhh! I enjoyed it. There was an exhibition of Roerich's paintings, they were breathtaking. He was a Russian who lived in India, the Himalayans and did great paintings of the sceneries. Bright pastel colours which shone out the serenity and calmness from high grounds. The displays in the museum were interesting. I was astonished with the gift from Emperor Meiji to the last Tsar Alexander II- a majestic eagle made up of 22,000 pieces of ivory. Beautiful. The eagle looked so alive! I swear! Damn impressive :)

I returned home a very cheerful person. I love my gallery and museum visits! Always make my day. We spent approx. 21/2 hours there. On Monday I have Infectious Disease zacheot and I havent started studying LOL Noooo.. it aint funny! Loads of microbes to study in detail. You may think they only cause diarrhoea. Think again!

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