Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jolly Molly

I got my zacheot from Dr.Gulyaev this morning!

Elizabeth was there too, she didnt answer so well though. Still he was very patient, tried to guide her to answer. Hehehee he asked me about Splenomegaly and Amyloidosis. Reena bet that he wouldnt ask! Yes he did :P Proud of myself when he complimented "very good" and "yes, correct" LOL

The weather was nice. Not too cold till youd shiver, not too warm till youd sweat. I took a long walk from M.Biblioteka till Bolshaya Nikitskaya. I visited the Lomonosov's Zoological Museum. 30pyb. Education is cheap in Russia. The museum was established in 1755 and was prolly grand in that century. Not today. They need to at least change the lighting, refresh the murals and get rid of the musky smell at every corner.

Awesome taxidermy display. I was taken aback by the mammoth skeleton at the entrance which stood more than 10feet. Right from prehistoric animals (stank the most, too much wood) up to modern species, I got to give credits to their artwork. I would describe their animals as "so alive, only motionless".

In the late afternoon, we played UNO! Its been a while for me. When it was just me and Reena, I kicked her ass while she acted like a hustler (the ciggarette in mouth act) but when the 3 of us played, we each won a round. Had to evacuate from the kitchen because the bastard neighbours were drilling again. Damn it >(

I watched the March Of The Penguins. Brilliant documentary-film. These birds can put humans to shame in the sense that even their species know how to love, protect and survive without being taught. IN Antartica somemore. Some fucking morons in civilization dont even know how to act right. Today was such a nice day :) Would be nicer if I had Khalid to share with *thoughtful for a while..*

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