Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hols Hunt

I really want to visit Spain and Portugal. At first Reena, Jason and I discussed a little bit about it but they didnt seem too keen because Social Medicine exam date is still not known. So we left it at that. Then I heard that Won Jee was recruiting kakis to travel to my desired destinations, I want in.

Khalid called yesterday morning. He is very sweet, just like always. Poor boy, nearly died when his parents visited him at Marketgate. I left my stockings on the floor, with his dirty clothes. His Mum was focused on the working shirts, thank God she missed the brown hosiery LOL We spoke about my holidays and yes, I should be in Bristol again for the 6-7th time (I cant recall). I became excited there's January sales!

Today I surfed the flight tickets from but nothing from yet. I suppose the hub is gonna be in Germany and from there we fly. Fooh! I am so gonna need alot of dough :) Fucklah. If only the exam date is fixed. Hopefully they will let us know on the first week of December. Dahlahh the subject is useless *sighh*

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