Tuesday, November 07, 2006


This is only the second week of November and I feel so arghhh! Work, not to say much but it feels like there is a lot to do :( Let me BLOG about how the day starts. I wake up at 625am. The loo, done then prepare a bowl of cereal for myself and Pisa (we prefer them soggy) and I prepare sandwiches for all 3 of us for lunch in class. Fucking hospitals have no canteen.

We try to leave the house before 730am to avoid the traffic because punctuality is priority. Have to brace the cold somemore. Classes finished at various times so far but fucking Infectious Disease lecturers wouldnt release us until 230pm even though when theres no slides left. The girls from Group 1 and I never exchanged a single word, prolly never will.

I love my Primark boots though. Comfortable and eye-catching. I try no to regret I didnt get the brown pair! *cries loudly* After class, we come home to catch series. Pisa prepares dinner and we chill a bit more till its time to turn in for the next day. So not looking forward to class anymore. I have to clear Therapy and Ophthalmology exam at the end of this month too. Sighh.

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