Friday, November 03, 2006

Cold Ass

New month means new cycle. November has us with 2 subjects and their departments are located at the farthest ass on Moscow. Sighhh. Infectious Diseases at M.Palazhaevskaya and Traumatology at M.Sokolniki (both upnorth meaning colder air).

Oohh guess what. We are sharing the cycle with Group 1 and 10. The Indians have been very punctual so far because although these 2 subjects are lala, they are strict with attendance. Need to pay and do assignments for the missed classes. Thats why I told Khalid there is no way I can escape!

Pisa, Boss and I leave the house so early, we reach there early too. Sunny will ignore me for the rest of the month since Chun Lin is in the same vacinity LOL Pussy. Seelah. If I feel like fucking both of them up, I could very simply walk over, how big is the classroom? Its damn tempting plus they deserve every bit of shit that falls upon them. I could just stir some up! :P

Tomorrow I am having post-birthday bash in the house. Invited the Boys, Fared and Khairimi over. We got the ingredients already, Pisa and Boss bought me a pretty cake! Cant wait to have some more fun hehehee

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