Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Brother Boo

Nearly all my friends have siblings. When I hear or get to know that their siblings are monsters, I feel devastated too. Honestly, I dont think I would know how to handle the situation if Fats were one. Children who have no respect for elders, shame but when they have no respect for their own parents- there is no hope left.

One of my best friend's brother is one of them. Since I have known her for as long as I can remember. We share stories, secrets and stuff. Recently her brother lost his marbles again, causing pain to the ones who love him most. The things he did or rather still doing to his parents are despicable. We watch many series and to the bad characters, I always go "Oh my god, there are really such bad people?". I hate to say it but I can use that line on her brother.

I didnt know what to answer when she asked what would I do if Fats behave like her brother. I realise she is strong for her parents, trying hard to talk sense into him, begging him to love them. For one, I am impatient and impulsive. I would have disowned myself from my family. I feel very sorry to hear that her brother is extremely unfilial. Maybe I have never really heard in details of the situation or words exchanged. It upsets me.

Everyone has only a pair of biological parents. Fine. If they never raised you and there is no love, at least have some decency to treat them as a human being.


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