Saturday, November 11, 2006

Aildil-Vaali 2006

All in all, the event was pleasant with entertaining performances. Personally, I thought last year was better. I met a couple of 1st and 2nd years. Polite cartoons, felt nice having a chat with them. There was a restriction though, to be in the same hall with people I have stopped communicating with. Pity but life goes on right?

The belly-dance stole the entire evening's show. The cheers were deafening. Priscilla looked gorgeous, the others (in their outfits, the whole works) too but she was the real deal. Jeddy-boy's girl ehh. Imagine how proud he is LOL Joey's HipHop crew went back to old school, performed to KRU's Awas! Hehehee Lim Geng Yen produced another movie only this time it was abit senseless unlike last year which featured true scenarios.

Food was prepared by the juniors. Always when this happens, I really appreciate the committee. Cooking up a storm to serve hundreds of fellas. Even though it sucked :P Everyone looked very good. I wore my salsa dress! I thought I would look fat in it but I got several compliments so I am convinced, I havent lost it all! :)

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