Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thick Skin

Hehehe I am so thick-skinned :P When Prav said there is going to be a Deepavali/Divali party in the hostel, I so wanted to go! But Noreen and Manisha are the organisers and I should ask them. Instead, I invited myself LOL

I told Prav and Wishnu to tell them, then in History of Medicine class I outright asked Sharonpal "I want to come, can ahhh?" hehehehe Until Sharon was like "YOU are coming, I AM inviting you, JUST COME!". I am pretty excited about tomorrow since, it has been too long since I celebrated the Festival of Lights. Waaaaay too long!

Then I thought of something brilliant. I might put up a night in the hostel too, I told Christabel that I should be sleeping in her room and she was very agreeable. Better than staying in Sunny and Quek's room. Those 2 fellas are totally ignoring me. Idiots. Whos ignoring who now?

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