Saturday, October 14, 2006

So Different

I had an awesome day! Caught up with Wei Sheong, Chin Keat and Jan Jan. Philosophy was okay. Nothing to yell about. Then I headed to the Boys' place, had to wait 20mins in the cold for bus No.688 *cries*

Hehehe last week when they came over, they all looked so handsome. Today they all looked like house-husbands. Wishnu was messy, Praveen and Kai Yen Yen oily from preparing dinner for us LOL They are just too cutelahh. There were fried chicken, Praveen's soya mealmaker and urrghhh, one celery dish. I nearly died. But the dessert was awesome!

My favourite, favourite green bean soup with pulut somemore :)

The first time I visited this apartment was 3 years ago. Went there for their house-warming. I noticed on the cupboard hung a familiar looking piece of ornament. It was Aron and my Christmas present to Praveen! Back in 2002. A nostalgic feeling took over and I felt like crying. Those were the days huhh.

We yakked and roughly spoke about the winter holidays. I would really love to visit Portugal and Spain, but it depends on Boss and Reena too. Just have to wait for the Social Medicine exam date to be set, then only we can make plans!

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