Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Simply Awesome

One week flew by so quickly while I was in UK. I left Moscow on the 24th October and voila, I am back on Russian soil again! I missed 2 Therapy classes (zacheot too) plus Ophthalmology exam only during my birthday celebration getaway LOL

It was so worth it. Khalid is too good to be true. On the first day, we locked ourselves up in Marketgate with sumptuous microwaveable food, Cadbury's triffles and beverages :P Porks got back from London so we hung out together too, went shopping and all!

Pre-birthday dinner was at Viceroy hehehee Had my favouritest Kashmiri dish with lamb!! OMG. It was delicious. Khalid, Colleen (his classmate), Porks, Lyn and her boyfriend, Dale had a slice of my birthday Chocolate Indulgence cake. Yummy!! I visited the casino for the first time too. It was quite a freaky experience for me.. spoilt Khalid's fun but now when I tell my friends I went to the casino, I did enjoy myself more than I felt I did.

Alten Towers in Birmingham was wonderful. No complaints for those 2hour queue /30second thriller rides. Snacks everywhere, foooh! Warm donuts! Khalid spent alot on me, such a giving boyfriend. I miss him so much *sniff, sniff*

Khalid and I had a great time to ourselves at the Harbourside. Since I am always there for short stays, every walk with him means so much. The kisses and hugs, if only we were nearer to each other. Porks was too nice to me, kept me company and on the last day cooked up a feast for me (and Matt the Knight, his housemate Kelly and a whole list of fellas LOL).

p.s I got many birthday greetings this year than last, my sms inbox and on Friendster B)

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