Sunday, October 22, 2006


My appearance in Kahovskaya hostel still has its novelty! Friends offering me food, drinks, asking if I would stay the night etc Lai Yee and Christabel had their room spring-cleaned just for my arrival! So Lai Yeen stated hehehee I was please, of course.

I attended the Deepavali party on Friday and I must say, I pretty much enjoyed myself. All the Indian girls wore gorgeous punjabi suits and a few in sarees. The caramel flavoured agar-agar Arunah made herself was awesome but the catered dhal was nowhere near Reena's quality. Seriously!

There is a Chinese Association formed under Sechenov Malaysian Students' Assocation. I attended their 2nd meeting but I was only a listener. Take care of chinese students' welfare and promote chinese culture. The meeting was almost formally conducted, these guys are really trying. Might be successful, who knows since they are ambitious as much as determined to establish this association.

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