Saturday, October 07, 2006


Having classes on Saturdays are aweful *cries* Ophthalmology followed by Philosophy at Kahovskaya hostel. I hung out at Victor and Chin Keat’s, Hwong and Douglas’ but avoided Sunny and Quek’s at all cost. I have no reason to step into their room anymore.

But it was good to be home, expecially Praveen, Wishnu and Kai Yen came over for dinner! Reena cooked her signature dish, my favouritest dhal! Mmm-mm! With Chicken Curry from scratch, woohoo! The 3 boys looked exceptionally handsome with their new haircut LOL

Praveen cut for them. He only admitted after our compliments. Wishnu looked so good, fresh and back into the game! There was a glow on his face and we are all glad to see him in his oldself. Hell, his jokes we funnier! We yakked in the kitchen, made plans for next weekend which means OUR turn to their place for dinner!

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