Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I know I havent been BLOG-ing lately. Blame it on my new addiction!! The awesome strategy game called Age of Mythology!! Hehehee I suck at pc/videogames but I am quite good at this one :)

One bad habit of mine, I develope an addiction quickly if I enjoy what I started. In my 2nd year, I remember skipping classes to clear Neverwinter Nights and Dynasty Warriors 3! LOL It was crazy. Then Aron banned me from going near either one of them. Luckily I aint that mad anymore!
I have finished the Greek map, now moved on to Norseland which in my opinion is more difficult. The best part, Boss has the expansion pack too! After more civilizations, I can play the long-awaited Atlantis map! Hehehee since I can still lala with this cycle, let me fully utilise the free time!

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