Monday, September 18, 2006

Watering Hole

Praveen had been pestering us to come for this little gathering he organised at Doug&Marty's Boarhouse (formerly known as Chesterfield). Whatever its name is changed to, its still a whore jointlahh LOL

Boss, Reena and I arrived to see Praveen himself, Anna from Latvia, Wishnu, Jaspal, Kelvin and Shuba, Palvin and Aliah, Kai Yen and later Hosein showed up. Food is cheap, sucky but nearly everything is 50% off plus after 7pm, booze 4-for-the-price-of-1 so you know how packed that place becomes!

I personally dont fancy Jaspal, her brother Palvin and his gf Aliah. Jaspal is because I think she is rather pretentious and the other two.. I dont know them much, hardly had a conversation but Aliah gives me the snake vibes *pfffttt!*

However a fair share of booze, everybody was a buddy! Spoke/joked with everyone except for Aliah. Whatever. It was fun, Kai Yen was high while Palvin happily joined in with us. Reena later told me they tried to strictly talk to him about the router only but his attention was on us till the end. Hehehee the evening was quite fun actually :)

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