Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Soviet Union

Khalid passed! He will go to his 2nd year! I was so anxious last night until I heard from him late in the afternoon. I am so happy for him, imagine all the stress and worries he went through. That silly boy :)

I visited The State Museum of Contemporary Russian History at M.Pushkinskaya after class. It was a random choice. It gave me a better understanding of Russia from the reign of the Tsars to Lenin/Stalin's time to current day's semi-presidential government.

Plus the building used to be the "Moscow-English Club" for gentlemen who gathered to exchange ideas and discuss current affairs. Pffttt! I looked around and thought, they prolly held orgies in there too LOL

There was a simple exhibition on Maria Federovna. Quite a number of old ladies and a few who could hardly climb the staircase, made way upstairs to look at some fine china, her potraits, a few authentic documents and a collection of her items. It was just funny to see how interested they were on the wife of the Imperial Alexander III.

I had light lunch at their cafeteria. Mmm-mmm! I had a bowl of salianka and vatrushka. Then I walked along the high street but whoaaa, fashion prices in Moscow is way out of my financial line. Far from borderline!

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