Monday, September 11, 2006

Service Sucks

We had our gynaecology class at New Arbat, a private medical centre for women today. We deserve to attend class at that kind of building. New, well-equipped, friendly doctors (English-speaking somemore) and smacked at the centre! Sighhh.

Class finished early. The whole group headed to TGI’s for their business lunch which we all agreed, was a waste of time and money. Food was lousy, took ages to come, soup was cold and portions were ridiculously small. But we had fun making jokes over the table whilst waiting so it wasnt so bad. In fact, felt like I had a good day :)

A moment (of stop BLOG-ing) for the victims of 9/11...

Okay back to my day. I got some pictures from Mun Yee. We hardly snapped any in Dubai since it was their 3rd time and my 2nd. Plus I was so fat with flabs and a double chin. My god. The arms were humongous. Thank God this one taken in Wild Wadi doesnt look so bad!

ps. click on the small thumbnail to view larger picture LOL

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