Saturday, September 16, 2006


Since the first time I stepped foot in UK, I have been very attracted to their fancy postcards. Free fancy postcards. They are also available in Moscow (cafes, TimeOnline, ROSinter’s restaurants etc) but I never really collected them.

When I returned after the winter holidays, I pasted the stack I brought home on the bathroom door LOL Paul agreed that it was creative since the wallpaper was shabby and grey. More trips to and fro from UK later, I filled up the entire door :) It was really nice to look at.

Over here with Reena and Jason, I still have this habit. I started with my room door but it seems like an never-ending job. The recent summer hols I was in UK, I brought back one huge stack. Reena suggested I paste them on the back of my drawers, which was what I did with all of them.

This is my room door.
This is their room door.
I used their idea, they had theirs from the beginning. And lastly, my drawer. The only fully-filled-with-postcards surface

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