Saturday, September 02, 2006

Once Again

Our usual Viceroy dinner outing :)

Viceroy was not opened yet when we got to Park Street. We had Thai food instead at Bangkok House, it was delicious lunch! Khalid was extra sweet and affectionate to me. I felt touched when he confessed how he feels altogether. Then a lightbulb tinked right above my head! I could spend my birthday with him next month!!

But everything will depend on his results. I am keeping my fingers crossed *fingers crossed*. We managed to buy Mr.Kipling from Tesco while Khalid stocked some microwaveable food and Coke. Speaking of Coke, I always say that he could go for an ad just to gulp down a can of Coke. He makes it look so yummy!

I dont know why but time seemed to run out fast. We rushed back to Marketgate for my luggage while Sha and Nick met us halfway at Broadmead. So once again I had to leave Bristol. Whoa. 4 times in the span of 6 months I visited England. Khalid doesnt call me “crazy chinese chick” for no reason LOL

Leaving this time wasnt as awful as the last. OMG. The last time I left, I was crying and bit Khalid on the cheek (as in really sank my teeth mercilessly). I hugged Sha to which she said that I should be back for a couple of weeks next summer and to Nick I told him to be good. Khalid's was the hardest hug to let go. One of the lines he said was “Dont have to diet but dont overeat too”.

I always sat by the window on the National Express. They couldnt really see me as the windows were tinted. Khalid smiled with a frown on his forehead, pretended to give a little chase when the bus left. Sha and Nick were screaming too. They all looked so cute.

So that was it. The highway was clear, the outskirt scenery was very peaceful. Grazing cows and then I started to cry. Only for a whilelahhh. The tears were somewhat happy tears, in fact I laughed to myself as I recalled Khalid’s teases. I felt bad that Khalid is gonna be all alone. I so want to be with him.

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