Friday, September 01, 2006


Juls arrived this morning. Khalid and I left Filton Avenue for good. I took a good look at the house yesterday, I realised it holds alot of fond memories. Khalid was damn excited with the resNet connection in his room. The kitchen is lovely, got a lounge and a counter with high chairs. Guess what we did on the counter :P

We rendezvous-ed with Sha and Juls at The Galleries. Khalid kept thinking about the probability of failing Public Law resit. How fucked up his life is gonna be and such. Poor baby. He takes no ear to my words but we concluded that only after 19 August we shall know whats really gonna happen to him. For now, just chill. At least try to chill *sighh*

Hehehee Juls returned with a double eyelid! She got her cosmetic correction, now shes got big eyes! We had dinner at Mayflower in the evening. Ordered quite a number of dishes, I thought the duck was tasty. Ezlin brought Rikki along too. These guys were trying Nick’s trick to flick the toothpicks, then we rolled cigarettes (i aint such a pro but seems like i am reputed otherwise) and Khalid had to kiss me on purpose in front of my peers LOL

Damn itlahh. I leave Bristol tomorrow at 440pm. We watched Russell Peters when we got back, it was hilarious. My stomach ached from laughing, eyes all tearing. Juls was knocked out pretty early while we continued watching Fight Club. Again, I must say I really, really dont wanna leave, damn the hols finished so quickly...

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