Saturday, September 30, 2006


I left the house at 8am to visit Kremlin. I met Mun Yee, Yun Kin, Hwong and Zhao Ing at Manishnaya Mall. Poor Douglas lost his bag in Ashan yesterday so he didnt come but Victor just ffk-ed us!

The queue to Lenin’s mausoleum was massive. We decided to keep that for another day. Surprisingly lots of Asian tourists today. Inside Kremlin, there were several groups of employees from Hong Leong Assurance. We suspected most of them were Malaysians since there was a Malay couple (wife with tudung somemore)

Main attractions of Kremlin consist of The Armoury chamber which unfortunately we were denied entry because they have crowd control. The counter-lady told us its booked till end of October. Damn huhh. Then there is the Assumption Cathedral and the Annunciation Cathedral. We covered all the buildings and took a walk at The Secret Gardens too :)

I would say, not impressive since we were at St.Petersburg before. I would give my best comment to The Archangel’s Cathedral. Out of nowhere, came a quartet who sang a short hymn to promote their records while my eyes were glued to the ceiling. Beautiful though. Hehehee I find names of these holy buildings like The Church of Laying Our Lady’s Holy Robe, The Ivan the Great Bell Tower, The Assumption Belfry and The Filaret Annex rather funny. Laying Our Lady’s Robe church LOL
It was a good day out. Would be nice if my groupmates and I could do it more often.

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